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I can't Whole30 alone.

Updated: Sep 19, 2018

I need support. I need creativity, ideas, collaborations, and of course celebrations. One of the biggest mistakes we make is thinking that other people think the way we think. So with that, I need you!

In comes Nicole (pictured below). She is the epitome of badass (can I say that? Well I am). I've known Nicole since high school, but never really knew who she was until a few years ago.

Her story has to be told all on its own, with space to "ooh and ahh". Look for that in a future blog, it will happen. For now, she is the badass that is helping me and others as we approach round two of Whole30. This time we opened up the invitation to others in a private group on Facebook, where we can share recipes, ideas, accomplishments, or maybe to complain about how bad we want that sugary creamy coffee, a basket of chicken wings or that tall glass of wine.

So you want to Whole 30?

A few warnings I want to address about the Whole30. A decent group of people enlisted interest in the group, all with different questions and concerns, and all have different levels of Whole30 knowledge. First of all, I highly suggest you do your homework. If you read my last post, you'll get a good idea, but you don't get the full picture. Buy the book. READ IT! The purpose of Whole30 is to rid your body of anything processed or anything that can cause possible inflammation. This diet has been known to improve or even cure a myriad of health issues. If you believe you are what you eat, then this is the diet for you! Do not think this is just a diet to "cleanse" or lose weight. It is not. It has strict rules, restrictions, and regulations. It is 30 FULL DAYS of eating WHOLE foods, and only putting healthy, non-inflammatory things into our bodies.

I do not plan to live and eat like this 100% forever, but to do a few rounds and find my sweet spot. Each round adding certain things that I had prior to Whole30 that will not effect or hurt my health (things that don't cause me to bloat, breakout, rosacea, etc.), and for every person that will be different.

A few Whole30 deal breakers (the "can I while I do the Whole30"?):

Smoking- Simply, no. As a former smoker and a formerly overweight person, I quit smoking. It sucked. It was 3-4 pretty awful days. Yep....days. And then it was about 3 mildly uncomfortable weeks. And then? Freedom! If you are going to join and fully commit to the Whole30 you cannot smoke. The harsh truth is to just quit. Then you will

have freedom from food and nicotine. I just told myself over and over again (sometimes 100 times an hour) that I deserved better, it was never going to get easier and that I was done giving my health and hard earned money to mega-corporations that didn't give a crap about me. I also reminded myself that regardless of the discomfort I might feel while quitting, I wouldn't really die. Granted I quit several years ago, I did not tackle a Whole30 and quitting smoking simultaneously. I don't think people who smoke should dodge a Whole30. I think they should come at it HIGHLY prepared in the food department and HIGHLY prepared in the "this is going to feel like absolute sh*t" department. More prepared than the typical person.

Prescriptions and supplements- In no way ever would a sane person without any medical license tell you to stop your prescriptions without approval from a doctor. With that said, think about what it is you are taking and if it has to do with thyroid, blood pressure, blood sugar, acne, headaches, anxiety and the like, you may be surprised that this diet COULD improve or cure those things. Yet again, I am not a doctor or a Hartwig (authors of the diet). Also, supplements are not recommended unless prescribed by your doctor. You should be getting all the vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients you need on this diet. If you medically need more and a doctor says so, then you should obviously do that. This includes, fish oils, pre and post workout, protein powders (even the "natural" ones). If you need ideas on how to replace anything, let me know! I used to take a few of these supplements myself and have figured out how to naturally get these into my diet. As for preworkout, coffee, black of course. That is all you need!

If you want to Whole30 with a group of amazing people and myself, shoot me a message on Facebook where the group is located, I'll add you! I look forward to sharing this experience and having Nicole share hers alongside me!

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