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There Is Nothing to Do in Erie: Part 2

Hill District Fleas

Every few months, the Flea is held in the heart of the growing artesian district of Erie around West 24th and Peach Streets, unofficially known as Federal Hill or sometimes Independence Hill. Vendors, artisans, and businesses of all kinds flood the street offering, well, just about everything your heart desires:

Feeling groggy? How about a cup of joe from Tipsy Bean?

Looking for a mid-day brew? Try a cold, bubbly craft beer from Erie Ale Works.


Hungry? A fleet of food trucks can satisfy any craving you might have.

Or maybe you want a "new," eco-friendly wardrobe? Vintage clothing from Pointe Foure has got you covered (literally!) with their high-quality collection of styles from yesteryear.

Yoga? Grab your mat, find a spot on the grass, and join in with Soma Movement Yoga Studio!

Art? Watch it unfold in front of your eyes or seek out your favorite piece to hang above your couch.

Or maybe your heart yearns for handmade soap, jewelry, antiques, handmade piñatas, refurbished furniture, or even fresh produce -- they have that, too!

This year, I took advantage of an awesome deal on some shirts from Erie Apparel!

Okay, so you get it. There's a lot for both you and your family to eat, view, and do at the Hill District Fleas. But there is also a lot to celebrate. The Flea is a perfect example of Erie's newfound synergy and desire to create a unique sense of place. It's the result of entrepreneurs, small businesses, artisans, artists, and the surrounding community joining forces not to compete, but to show-off each other's talents and share in each other's successes.

And the growing number of vendors and attendees proves that it's working. I'm looking forward to the next one in the spring!


Water. We have a lot of it, so we might as well enjoy it! Some people fish or swim, others like to sail or waterski. One thing that I always like to do is to go kayaking.

The Presque Isle State Park lagoons are by far one of the coolest places to paddle in the region. The lagoons are a connected body of water inside of Presque Isle that came about as the result of a dredging project back in the early 1900s and were originally supposed to be a fish hatchery, but legal battles stopped development, according to GoErie.com. Today, the lagoons house all kinds of wildlife and create a picturesque afternoon in their eerily calm waters.

So go rent a kayak, grab your sunscreen, and get out there and experience nature! If kayaking isn't your thing, you can also catch a free pontoon tour of the lagoons all throughout the summer (they're even handicap-accessible).

Rebecca Mae's Drag Brunch

Glamour and glitz with a side of bacon. What more could you want (besides another mimosa)?

If you're not from a bigger city, you might not know what a Drag Brunch is. Well, aptly named, it's the combination of brunch and a drag show. Rebecca Mae is "Erie's fiercest drag queen" and puts on a phenomenal performance with her posse that includes singing, dancing, and yes, cartwheels!

The artform of drag is something that is relatively new to the Erie scene but has already proven to be a hit, as every drag show that Rebecca Mae has put on so far has sold out. What more, it's a fun and engaging way to learn about and show support for Erie's LGBTQ+ community.

Our region needs more avenues to bring people from all walks of life together and drag brunches are such an incredible way to do that. When we learn about each other, we find that we're not so different after all. Plus, who doesn't want to celebrate equality with a plate full of Mighty Fine's doughnut holes? Yes, please!

Gallery Night

Gallery Night is a city-wide blast of art, music, food, and fun! It's a night when the Erie Art Museum, independent art galleries, local businesses, and organizations from all around Erie open their doors and show off art exhibitions from a variety of local artists.

What's cool is that every location has its own feel so that there's something for everyone. If the Erie Art Museum has a jazz ensemble and $2 drinks, Erie Art Gallery might have herbal teas and abstract art, while Ember+Forge showcases a photographer and serves vegan treats.

But celebrating art doesn't just have to happen on a specific night. I recently became a member of the Erie Art Museum and try to visit as many new exhibitions as I can...and you should, too! Supporting your local arts scene is not only fun and something to do, but pays dividends and can lead to a more vibrant and attractive city for everyone.

So the next time you hear someone say that "there is nothing to do in Erie," tell them to come and talk to me, because I have two posts filled with things to do and there is always something new happening every day -- you just need to get out, engage with your community, and find it!

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