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There Is Nothing to Do in Erie: Part 1

Updated: Aug 22, 2019

I can be fairly certain if I asked, there would be numerous answers, but I'm not. I am just using the term to kick off a series of blogs that counters just the saying itself, there is nothing to do in Erie.

I have lived here in Erie most of my life, and I probably have said the exact same thing more than once, "there is nothing to do here. I am bored. This town is lame", and so on. Finally, as I open up myself without hesitation, I see how very wrong I am. This town is boundless.

We not only have stellar sunsets, but we have a large body of water, artistic ventures galore, numerous events daily, and most of all we have the people who are dedicated to make this city thrive.

I’m limiting myself to write about just three activities or events for each month of this summer. See that? I said limiting. Why? Because I attended or was involved in plenty more than just three, which goes to prove there are so many things to do here in Erie. So, let’s get to it.


I sailed a bit here and there in my early twenties, and loved it. Loved the feeling of the open air, the breeze, the work you put in to make the vessel move, and in a race, hopefully as fast as possible. It was soothing, exciting, beautiful, and hard work.

I was reintroduced back into sailing this summer by an old friend, Alex Miller. He owns the boat Pagan, and is known for his generosity in allowing those willing to learn to do so aboard his boat. The Erie Yacht Club hosts races almost every Wednesday, and spinnaker racing Sundays. So if you find yourself gazing out at the water in awe of the numerous boats on a Wednesday evening or Sunday afternoon, chances are I'm out there! Find the racing schedule here.

I am still learning, and will always be learning, but for those that know me, know that perhaps, that is what I like best. If you do enlist in racing sailboats, expect mistakes, expects bruises, expect yelling, and most of all expect an amazing time.

Want to learn how to sail?

Erie Yacht Club offers course for adults and children every summer.

Click here

Bayfront Maritime Center

Erie area’s only US Sailing Keelboat certified school. The BMC crew offers instruction for the novice and intermediate sailors alike.

Click Here

Lake Effect Sailing offers lessons and more aboard their 32-foot cutter.

Click here

Open Late at the Erie Art Museum

The Museum is open late on Thursdays and Fridays. So you can stop by after work or before dinner to grab a $2 beer, listen to music, make art or just hang out.

I was greeted at the door by Roman Glass, who also curated an amazing interactive space (I promise I was encouraged to write on the walls), and who encouraged me to get a membership! You also have the option for libations such as PBR, Yeungling, and wine.

Throughout the gallery there are games such as corn hole, ping pong, connect four, and more.

Something to do, something local, something art, something amazing. This is one of the best ways to experience the Erie Art Museum and enjoy yourself while having some fun.

Tattoo & Tarot

Down for some body art and a bit of the unorthodox? Tattoo & Tarot is for you! Tattooer Gentle Josh Makowski, collaborates with Intuitive Coach Beth Ann Church, for an afternoon of Tattoo, Tarot or both.

I have tattoos, and I have done a Tarot reading with Beth Ann before at an event with Pointe Foure, but this event struck me as fun, exciting, and very different than the rest.

The tattoo my friend Bryanna (pictured below) and I chose is a Unalome. The Unalome is a spire in a Yant -- a Sacred geometry design incorporating Buddhist psalms and magical formulas that invoke various elements and powers of protection and various blessings. The part of this tattoo that I identified and liked most is the signification that a Unalome represents the path to enlightenment. Regardless of what you believe in terms of religion, we all run a path, often tumultuous, and varied, and we all aim for peace and serenity. I loved the idea and the placement on my bicep, which I swear I am trying to bulk up even more now just to show off this tattoo!

I was unable to squeeze in the Tarot portion of this event, but since I have done it before, I knew what it was about, and knew I could reach out to Beth Ann and schedule one, or go to the next Tattoo & Tarot for a reading. From my experience it is never anything negative! Some people seem to be nervous, but it is message often filled with wise guidance, light and love.

The great thing about this event is it is happening every month. So, if you missed the event in June, there will be another in July, August and so on...So stay tuned!

June as been a phenomenal month. My daughter Zoey turned 14, and I turned 35. As well as some birthday celebrations, I also received an award along with 39 other amazing people for 40 Under 40 with the Erie Reader!

Goodbye June! You've been good to me.

Hello July. Let's see what we can do Erie.

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