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Hey Siri? How Do I Vote?

Updated: Jun 7, 2019

Or Google, or Alexa. I asked all three devices and their platforms gave informative answers. Don't believe me. Watch below!

Voting is a call of action. It is our duty. A formal indication of a choice.

This year, 36 out of 50 Governors, all 435 House seats and 35 Senate seats are up for grabs.

In this day and age, we are rarely forced to make a commitment or decision. Think of it this way: there are so many channels on TV, songs streaming at our fingertips and hundreds of fast food restaurants. Even our GPS decides how we navigate.

Are we a society of non-committal, indecisive, next-best-things?

We don't have to be. We can make a choice.

Celebrate your privilege to vote by getting out there and being heard. This has nothing to do with who you are voting for and has everything to with using our hard earned rights. It can be difficult to realize what an amazing privilege we have and how hard we have fought for our ability to vote, for our equality and for our independence. Don't let that go to waste by letting something or someone else decide for you.

A rundown of the candidates for those of you last minute peoples. Don't worry I feel you!


Tom Wolf, Democrat (incumbent) versus Scott Wagner, Republican

Tom Wolf

Three priorities

  1. Wolf wants a $12-an-hour minimum wage.

  2. He wants more money for public education.

  3. And he really wants a severance tax on natural gas extraction.

Three major endorsements

  1. Planned Parenthood

  2. Fraternal Order of Police Pennsylvania State Lodge

  3. CeaseFire Pennsylvania

Sources: https://www.wolfforpa.com/about/

Scott Wagner

Three priorities

  1. Wagner wants to pass a Taxpayers Bill of Rights, limiting state politicians’ power to tax.

  2. He wants to shake up the state’s pension program with a contribution plan for new state employees.

  3. And he wants to hold public schools accountable for their own funding by developing a system to compare public and charter schools.

Three major endorsements

  1. President Donald Trump

  2. National Rifle Association

  3. ChamberPAC

Sources: https://wagnerforgov.com/

U.S. Senate

Bob Casey, Democrat (incumbent) versus Lou Barletta, Republican

Bob Casey

Three priorities

  1. Casey supports expanding the federal minimum wage.

  2. He wants to support Obamacare and maintain coverage for pre-existing conditions.

  3. He wants to double border patrol staffing, implement 24-hour border surveillance technology and create pathways to citizenship for the country’s 11 million undocumented immigrants — so long as they are “law-abiding and learn English.”

Three major endorsements

  • Barack Obama and Joe Biden

  • Pennsylvania AFL-CIO

  • End Citizens United

Sources: https://www.casey.senate.gov/

Lou Barletta

Three priorities

  • Barletta wants to crush sanctuary cities and build stronger border security.

  • He wants to roll back business regulations and “make government run more like a business.”

  • He supports improving — but not expanding — background checks for firearm purchases.

Three major endorsements

Sources: http://www.loubarletta.com/

There are many other important candidates you will have to choose on. Do your research! Ask Siri, Google, Alexa or a trusty friend. Get informed and vote!

Besides just letting your voice be heard, there are places that are offering good times, great deals, and full bellies on the day we can exercise our right to vote!

*Pointe Foure is offering a 20% discount on anything in store if you come in November 6th. Also after 6 pm they will have music, spirits, food, and continued discounts while watching the results roll in! Let's party! Event details here!

Need to know where to vote? Click here!

Not sure if you're even registered? You might be and you don't even know it. Click here to find out!

Are you voting with your dollars, your heart, and/or your beliefs? But more importantly-- are you voting? And why?

Nobody will ever deprive the American people of the right to vote except the American people themselves and the only way they could do this is by not voting. ~Franklin D. Roosevelt

Other sources: http://time.com/5395686/historic-candidates-midterms-2018/



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