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7 Reasons YOU Should Be Photographed Now

Updated: Mar 22, 2019

Why having your photograph taken is good for you-and everyone else.

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Photograph taken by Trevor Huster. Denver, CO.

Whenever I have my photo taken and I really dig the picture, I always secretly doubt myself. Why can’t we just be proud of who we are? When was it instilled in us to second-guess ourselves? Why should I contemplate whether a photo I like of myself should be on display or not? We are so worried about other people's perception that we often forget the most important one is of ourselves.

It started years ago, my first professional photo shoot. It was out of pure self-indulgence, self-love, and a lot of curiosity. I just turned the big 3-0, and I wanted to celebrate myself. I signed myself up for a boudoir session with the amazingly talented Kara Marie (check out her site for total inspo). I got gussied up by a professional makeup artist, then I posed, laughed, and learned to let go. I would have to say that photoshoot was the start of truly learning to love myself and be proud of every curve, lump, bump or scar. Those photos weren't used to catapult any recognition on social media, or for a lover, they were for ME (and still are)! Since then, each year has granted me more and more confidence whether it be through failures or successes, and I love having photos to document that journey.

It took far too many years to accept that I can love myself in and out and I don't have to be ashamed of it. Does that mean I don't have insecurities? Absolutely not. I am flawed. My skin isn't perfectly even in tone. I'm a bit squishy in places. I have laugh lines that stay even when I'm not laughing. I have rolls when I bend. My hair can be wild. And...so what?

Emmy Hackshaw took this in Erie, PA near the downtown art museum
Photograph by Emmy Hackshaw

We teach ourselves and others to be self-doubting and self-loathing beings. Raising two girls who are becoming young ladies and seeing how they can feel ashamed of their bodies -I’M OVER IT! You should be too! It starts with how we treat ourselves and those around us.

Reasons why YOU need to have your photograph taken(professionally or by someone you trust) no matter what stage in life you are in(selfies DON'T count-I'll explain why later):

1. You are beautiful/handsome, and it needs to be documented!

2. Someday you will look back and be like “WOW," and your children, family and friends will look back and be so proud to say “that's my____!”

3. Having a good photographer boosts your self-esteem. I love the compliments they give along the way. “I love this. You look fantastic. Work it!”

4. Its art! The photographer is an artist and you are their muse. That's amazing!

5. You don't need to lose 10 pounds or have a chemical peel. You are a masterpiece. You can have whatever you want done to your body (I'm all about those freedoms), but celebrate yourself no matter where you are in your journey.

6. To revel in the joy of who you are and to see yourself from someone else's perspective. You will be amazed at what someone else sees.

Head shot taken by Emmy Hackshaw, Erie, PA on steps of Erie Art Museum
Head shot taken by Emmy Hackshaw, Erie, PA-2017

77. Most people are better with faces than names. You at least need a headshot for work purposes to connect a face to what you do. Your face is often people’s first impression, so showcase it.

Photographs taken by Sarah Peach, Erie, PA featuring Julie Schmitt

Revel in how amazing you are. Be photographed, have fun with it and make memories.

Our children, friends, and family will not remember us for the images we stored on our computer or phones; they remember us for the pictures on the wall or the ones we display online!

********I want to emphasize why I do not think a selfie counts.********

Taking your own picture and loving yourself can be liberating and wonderful, but I think it's a different kind of experience to see what someone else captures. You are no longer focused on what you see on the little screen in front of yourself on your phone. When you are having someone else take your picture, you are just being you or what others see of you. Being completely you or how someone else sees you is totally different then looking in the mirror and capturing a photo repeatedly until it is to YOUR satisfaction. When you have your picture taken by someone else, THEY are in control of what they like, the edits after and what they choose as their favorite(s).

Challenge Yourself

  1. Take a selfie until you have one you like. Afterwards, ask a friend, spouse, or family member to take your picture. They can take a bunch until they get one THEY like. They can also edit it however the see fit, or leave it as is! How did that made you feel and what you see in each pic! OR

  2. Post a photograph that someone else took of you that you really like. What's the story behind the picture and why do you like it?

Photo taken by Trevor Huster, Denver, CO.

Get your picture taken -- alone or with a friend. Post or print them proudly. You are photo-worthy right now!

We are our biggest critics...but I promise someone else sees all the beauty in you, even if you don't.

Special thanks to some photographers who inspired me and whom I have had the pleasure of working with or seeing their work first-hand.

Emmy Hackshaw

Sarah Peach

Shawn Gwin

Trevor Huster

Kara Marie

Erica Whiting

Get out from behind your phone screen, live your best life, and document it for yourself and for others!


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